To Participants

We invite you to the international walking festival held at the Diamond Bridge, which has become a symbol representing Busan with its original design and a cool, open beach.

‘The Kookje Daily News’ is expanding the ‘Diamond Bridge Walking Festival’, Korea’s best walking festival, which is celebrating its 12th anniversary this year, into an international competition.

The “2024 Diamond Bridge International Walking Festival,” which embodies the aspirations of Busan citizens who aim to become a global hub city, will be a meeting place where understanding and harmony are achieved through walking.

Starting from BEXCO Square, participants walk a 7.5km course passing Busan's landmark, Diamond Bridge (Gwangan Bridge), to Pukyong National University. At Pukyong National University Playfield, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, there will be performances promoting cultures from around the world, performances by leading K-POP singers, and a prize drawing.

We hope that all citizens will show interest and participate in the ‘2024 Diamond Bridge International Walking Festival’, which will be held in keeping with Busan’s status as a global hub city.

We would like to express our gratitude and applause for encouragement to the sponsors who worked hard both financially and spiritually to host this event, as well as the staff and volunteers who did their best to run the event.